TOP Taekwondo Academy, is a place where students are able to learn at their own pace, in a nurturing and encouraging environment.

Established in the year 2012, by founding Principal Master Song Jeong Ho. Since its humble inception as a small dojang in Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, the dojang has grown to establish its presence in the local Taekwondo scene, particularly in the North Eastern region of Singapore.

What’s special about TOP Taekwondo Academy?

The members of the dojang affectionately regard the school as a second home, and takes pride in the close knit community, with people from all walks of life. Despite the diversity in background, personality and lifestyle, they have learnt to pursue the sport at their own pace and have a good time learning together, taking home more than just improved knowledge and skills.

Many parents sent their children for lessons, with the aim to equip them with the skills and confidence to defend themselves. The focus of the Taekwondo training here is not about acquiring the skills needed to execute the perfect punch and kick, but also to inculcate good values that will see them through the challenges in life.

About Master Song Jeong Ho

Master Song is a native of South Korea, who bravely took a big step out of his homeland. He is well adored by all in the dojang, and is well regarded by parents to be a very patient and effective teacher. His teaching philosophies revolve around bringing out the best in his students. He made the bold decision to venture out of Korea, hoping to share his passion for Taekwondo with people around the world.

The focus of Master Song’s early journey in Taekwondo was on Kyorugi and Demonstrations, where he accumulated a wealth of experience in performances and competitions of varying levels. This experience has been put to good use, and it has allowed him to guide the students effectively during the preparation phase, as well as the actual performance.

He is not daunted by the many challenges that he faced while running the school, and would fondly recall and share the many inspiring personal challenges, successes and triumphs. One major personal challenge was to improve his command of the English Language, which he made much progress through the years of practice. Over the last years, he has also pushed himself to learn new techniques, and further enhancing his knowledge and skills in the various aspects of Taekwondo, again leading by example, that the learning journey never ends.

Here’s a video production of Master Song for Black Eagles – Enjoy!