How We Train


Building of Character

We hold on to the traditional values of Taekwondo, and have the five tenets of Taekwondo (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit) form the foundation of our holistic training.

Developing Self Confidence and Fitness

Physical training helps develop positive attitudes, mental sharpness and fitness. Our students, both adults and children, gain strength, endurance, flexibility and better weight management as they build confidence.

Training with an Element of Fun

Balancing serious training in a fun and motivating environment is important for us. We want all our students to train well, sweat it out, keep fit and enjoy their classes at the same time.


Young Kids & Children (age ~4-7)

This group of students will learn basic forms; kicking, & blocking techniques as well as basic self defence with an emphasis on respect, discipline, and focus.

Self-confidence is enhanced to enable them to face any challenges, in or out of the dojang.

We challenge students in a fun way and teach them to set and achieve high yet realistic goals.

Youth & Early Teens (age ~7-15)

This group of students will learn the harder forms of Poomsae (Defined sets of Taekwondo defence-and-attack movements).

Students will pick up a good moral values and will be put through tougher training.

They are constantly challenged to push themselves further, to gain self-confidence in handling peer pressure, bullies and the changing dynamics of their school life.

Adults (age 16+)

Students in this age group join us for various reasons, that include weight management, health and fitness, stress relief, learning of self defense techniques.

This class seeks to challenge you physically and mentally, to help attain your goals, develop self confidence.

The group class setting facilitate the building of bonds between members and establishing a great support network at the same time.


With so much discussion about winning competitions (kids) and getting fit (adults), the core purpose of Taekwondo practice is diminishing in many Dojang. At TOP, Master Song prides himself as a coach who focuses on the authentic Taekwondo tradition in establishing self-confidence, perseverance, discipline and physical fortitude holistically. It is his hope, commitment and desire to take his students on this journey to become stronger, more confident individuals in their best physical and mental shape so as to achieve more in life.

Beyond serious training sessions, we organise events regularly to catch up and bond with one another. We are like a big family and offer support to one another outside of the Dojang.

TOP loves to be involved in local community events whenever possible. From Friends of NKF Charity Carnival, Korea festival to Make a Wish “Santa Run” event, students are encouraged to participate, give back to the community and gain valuable experience performing on the stage at the same time.


The best way to find out if Taekwondo is the right fit for you is to come for a trial session.

Simply sign up below and we will contact you shortly to arrange a trial class!



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